Benefits of EBO Membership

There is a lot of uncertainty and anxiety in today’s healthcare marketplace. To learn more about our full benefits click the link below.

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Office Hours

Below are our normal operating hours for our clinics. For your complete care we provide services on call 24/7 via our telehealth benefit. Call us today at any of our locations:
Cape Girardeau – 573-803-2941
Jackson – 573-243-0750
Fredericktown – 573-561-5051

  • Cape: M-F
    8 – 5 (Closed 12-1)
  • Jackson: M-TH
    8 – 5 (Closed 12 - 1); Closed Fri.
  • Fredericktown: M-F
    8 – 5

Your Concerns

Still have questions or concerns about whether or not EBO MD is the right choice for you? We’ve developed a full knowledge base for you to browse to become more familiar with our membership.

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How Are We Different?

EBO MD is a Direct Primary Care Practice. It’s a new approach to medicine and our patients love it. So, how is it different exactly?


Fewer Patients

We have fewer patients. Did you know that most Primary Care Doctors have anywhere between 2,500-3,500 patients? We only accept a limited number of patients per provider. This means we have more time to spend with you when you need us.


No Insurance

We don’t accept insurance. We know this might sound shocking, but what’s really shocking is that many of our patients actually end up saving money. Just keep an open mind and we think you’ll see for yourself the value of this approach in time, money and most importantly your relationship with your physician.

If you have questions about how your existing policy will work with DPC, contact your insurance provider.

Become A Patient

Signing up for direct primary care is extremely easy. Fill out our new patient form from any device and a member of our staff will contact you shortly to schedule your first appointment. If you require assistance please call 573-803-2941.

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Why Choose Us?

The benefits don’t just stop at the concierge level of service we’re able to provide to our patients. By cutting out the middleman, we’re able to offer a simple, hassle-free healthcare experience.


The Benefits of EBO

The main and most important difference between EBO MD and a traditional family practice is the number of patients seen. While a typical family practice has 2000 – 4000 patients, EBO MD is an exclusive and intimate family of patients which allows us to offer these benefits to our members.

If you should require a consultant for specialized medical care, we have the incentive to refer you to the best, period. It does not matter which hospital, if any, they are associated with. Your well-being is our job and the reason for why we do what we do.

Our patients will benefit from negotiated wholesale generic prescriptions and we pass that savings on as well.

If we can do it in-house, your monthly fee covers it. If we must send out for the test then you will receive the very best wholesale prices that we can negotiate for you. We’re also working on reduced radiologic and other out-of-office diagnostic procedure prices and specialist prices for you.

We have negotiated the very best wholesale lab prices for all labs that we must send outside our office. Those savings are passed directly on to our patients.

  • Medical history and complete physical exam
  • Assessment of patient health status
  • Determine what, if any, preventive tests, procedures and immunizations are needed
  • Education to help patients maintain excellent health

We encourage appointments to be scheduled in advance, but sometimes you just can’t do this. Because our medical practice is small and exclusive, we can accommodate you with an office appointment at almost any time and we’re happy to do so.

Need to send us a text message, we can do that. Actually, some minor conditions can be handled via Skype or FaceTime. We’re also available by phone or email. EBO MD is happy to use whatever method of communication you prefer. We are here for you, 24/7.

Our Fees

Great healthcare shouldn’t be a complicated process. We established a simple tiered payment solution for our patients to recieve quality healthcare at prices anyone can afford. A detailed list of pricing and fees is available here.

Ages 0-18
Ages 19+
Nursing Home
  • Lab Test Our Price Retail Price You Save
  • CBC $5.95 $40.00 $34.05
  • Chemistry Panel, Basic $4.90 $42.00 $37.10
  • Chemistry Panel, Comprehensive $5.99 $80.00 $74.01
  • Hemoglobin A1C $5.62 $55.00 $49.38
  • Lipid Profile $6.86 $75.00 $68.14
  • PSA, Total $10.71 $100.00 $89.29
  • TSH $6.40 $70.00 $63.60
  • Vitamin D Level $30.00 $105.00 $75.00